Citizen Developer white paper


Challenge: To promote its low-code application platform, TrackVia decided to captialize on analyst firm, Gartner's, 2011 prediction that 25 percent of business applications would be built by Citizen Developers. Solution: Worked closely with a third-party public relations firm to conduct primary research intended to show how Citizen Developers will disrupt the corporate landscape, and how being [...]

American Spa Magazine interview


Challenge: Ready Care Industries' media plan called for non-paid promotion in industry trade journals. Solution: Participated in an interview about private-labeled skin care products with American Spa Magazine. Winning the interview was a result of consistent communication with the magazine's editor through press releases and annual media kits.

Tone and Tune press release


Challenge: A new company, Tone and Tune, needed to promote its postnatal fitness DVD product. Solution: Wrote a press release that highlighted the benefits and unique selling points of the Tone and Tune postnatal workout DVD, which was sold to new mothers, who find it difficult to strike a balance between getting in shape and [...]