Listed below are recommendations I have received from colleagues and clients.
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PRESIDENT/OWNER | Lumen Marketing & Communications

Lisa Moore and her team at Lumen Marketing team helped TalentWave generate more demand for our services, as well as increased qualified sales opportunities through strategic, integrated content marketing. Their deep expertise of our business, as well as the talent management industry as a whole, make Lumen Marketing a highly valued partner. Lisa herself brings a fresh, outside perspective and a focus on measurable results to every project. I highly recommend anyone considering hiring Lumen Marketing to do so.”

Jacqueline MyersJacqueline Myers, Marketing Manager, TalentWave, Inc.

“When I changed my business name, I knew the time was right to update our branding with a new look. After attempting to work with several designers, we hired Lumen Marketing to develop a new logo for our company. We thought we knew exactly what we needed. We were wrong. What I wanted was complicated, and what they created was beautiful and simple. The business card and flyers we’re clean looking and effective. They were completed quickly and all edits were made in a timely manner. We will use Lumen for our next project.

Stephanie SchillingStephanie Schilling, CEO and Conductor, Assurance Security


“Lisa is an experienced marketer and talented project manager with an incredible attention to detail and a knack for delivering timely results even when faced with obstacles. For example, she was able to manage the creation and deployment of a new website (and all of the numerous related moving parts) in less than 45 days and took complete ownership of ensuring that the most visible aspect of the company was undoubtedly illustrative of a strategic market shift. Lisa is adept at understanding how different parts of the marketing mix need to be aligned and optimized in order to maximize potential revenue creation opportunities. I would describe Lisa as organized, enterprising, reliable, and passionate. She takes great pride in her work, and it shows.”
Kristin BoeKristin Boe, Demand Generation Manager, TrackVia
Lisa joined the company at a time when it was poised for growth and needed the next level of maturity in fostering its brand awareness. She hit the ground running and quickly put together resources for the rest of the company to utilize for raising awareness and assisting with customer queries. She is very skilled at utilizing social media and elevated the company’s presence across various social media. She has excellent organizational skills that made sure our conferences and trade shows went off without a hitch. She encouraged others within the organization to take up blogging and provided coaching sessions on effective blogging techniques. As a result, many more folks started contributing to the company blog. All in all, she is an asset to the marketing department and a fun person to work with.”
Amit MalhotraAmit Malhotra, Mobile Product Manager, TrackVia

“I wanted to drop you a brief note to say thank you for all the hard work you put into the new website. It looks fantastic! The visuals are 10X! I know it wasn’t an easy project with our timelines and content shift, but you pulled it off. Thank you for making it happen!”

Pete KhannaPete Khanna, CEO, TrackVia
Lisa brings her A-game to everything. No task is too small for the detailed attention she will give it. She’s also timely, resourceful, a quick-learner and an energy source. She’s a dream client, a brilliant marketer and an overall great person. I’m lucky to work with her and I hope you will be too!”
MirandaMiranda Ryder, SEO Account Manager, Volume Nine


“Lisa delivers an unusual combination of marketing strategy and technical skills that fits perfectly with the demands of digital marketing. Never afraid to try something new, Lisa is the go-to person for figuring out how to make an impact with integrated marketing campaigns that generate results. Lisa’s creative and technical skills matched with her marketing mind make her an extraordinarily well-rounded asset. She is flexible while keeping her eye on goals. Her ever-present smile and laugh top off a professional package that blends nicely in a variety of professional settings.”
MaryMary Anschutz, Sr. Marketing Manager, ACTIVE Network
“Lisa was hired into an emerging marketing department at RTP, and did not hesitate to jump in and apply solid marketing skills to help increase brand awareness in a niche market space. When my product team needed critical support and marketing expertise, Lisa did a great job working through problems and developing relevant and creative solutions. I enjoyed working with Lisa professionally and personally, and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”
Robin Erkkila, Sr. Product Manager, ACTIVE Network
“Lisa is a seasoned professional in her field of marketing strategy and branding. She works well with others to achieve goals and meet aggressive deadlines. I have been very impressed with her work and her ability to lend a fresh perspective to both old and new products that we market. She has great attention to detail that makes her a valuable asset to any team. I would highly recommend Lisa when looking to build a marketing team or for her to run her own show.”
EricEric Phannenstiel, Founder, Resort Technology Partners
“I have worked with Lisa on various projects over the past 2 years. Lisa is a rock star! You never have to worry when you know that Lisa is on the job. She is extremely creative and always challenges herself to go above and beyond. She has a brilliant marketing mind and is amazing at graphic design. She will pitch in and help out wherever she can and is wonderful about teaching you how to do something so that you develop your own skill set in the process of working with Lisa. Truly a great team player and dependable colleague.”
TarynTaryn Defazio-Thomas, Sales Operations Analyst, ACTIVE Network
“Lisa is on the ball! She has vast marketing experience and a talent for creating striking digital branding. Lisa has great people and organizational skills, coupled with a solid work ethic, so I know she would be valuable on any team.”
DannyDanny Hooper, Sr. Account Manager, ACTIVE Network

MARKETING MANAGER | AutismPro, a product of Trumpet Behavioral Health

“If you want a professional with extraordinary time management and organization skills and a keen eye for creative design, plus a flair for business, I can easily recommend Lisa Moore! Lisa is a reliable, self-disciplined worker who can execute any task, any strategy on time and under budget. I enjoyed working with her immensely.”
LeiseLeise Roberts, VP Marketing, AutismPro, a product of Trumpet Behavioral Health
“Lisa was a vital part of the sales and marketing team at AutismPro and her contributions ensured that sales and marketing operations ran seamlessly and synergistically together. Lisa’s contributions to the company included redesigning the logo and branding, coordinating marketing events and logistics, working with the sales team to develop tools and marketing paraphernalia as well as numerous other tasks that needed to be completed in a timely manner. I would recommend Lisa to any company who wants to increase market share and brand presence.
LarzLarz Smith, Autism Solutions Professional, AutismPro, a product of Trumpet Behavioral Health
“As Creative Director for AutismPro I have had the extreme pleasure of working directly with Lisa Moore. Lisa has excelled in her role as Marketing Manager for AutismPro and was able to effectively communicate a clearly defined vision of the company in a very short period of time. As Marketing Manager, Lisa worked hard to study and understand our industry and customers. She was able to create a clear, focused concept of AutismPro’s offerings and inspired the creative team to produce a suite of marketing collateral that consistently showcased the benefits of our product. Lisa is bright, focused, organized and very creative. Her love and mastery of the marketing process is evident in all the projects in which she is involved.”
JohanneJohanne Sutherland, Creative Director, AutismPro, a product of Trumpet Behavioral Health
“Lisa was a significant part of the Marketing Department, where she had been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. In her role as Marketing Manager, we worked closely together on budgets, invoicing, etc. I have had the opportunity to observe Lisa’s professional skills as well as interpersonal style. She is consistently pleasant and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. She delivers high-quality work products, meets or exceeds deadlines and assists her co-workers at every opportunity. Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Lisa always delivers. Her superior organizational skills make her the consummate multi-tasker.”
KavitaKavita Hemlani, Support Services Manager, AutismPro, a product of Trumpet Behavioral Health

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS | The Carlon Group and FaceTime Marketing

“Lisa Moore dramatically shaped the focus and direction of The Carlon Group and FaceTime Marketing. Her strategic input, creativity, analytical skills and hard work played a key role in launching a new e-mail marketing service for our clients, which has been met with a high level of interest and increased sales. Lisa is always thinking of ways to better the business and improve the bottom line. Her work ethic is fantastic, along with her commitment to getting projects completed on deadline and with accuracy. I confidently recommend Lisa to work in any organization!”
JohnJohn Golinvaux, Principal, The Carlon Group and FaceTime Marketing
“Lisa Moore develops monthly subject matter for ADVANCE Newsletter, a publication targeted to savvy business owners who seek marketing solutions for today’s business environment. Lisa thoroughly researches each newsletter topic and then communicates a general outline to me of how she’d like the article to flow. Then, she lets me be creative with my writing style. Lisa is always professional and responsive. I look forward to working with her each month.”
JenniferJennifer Shermer, Freelance Writer


“Lisa has done a fantastic job helping write a business plan and doing market research for a new revenue stream we have implemented here at Women’s Bean Project. Having launched this new jewelry channel has enabled Women’s Bean Project to grow our capacity and help more women in our program, with significant results. Based on the quality work Lisa has done, I would recommend to anyone considering hiring Lisa to do so.”
GeoffGeoff Lucas, Sales and Marketing Director, The Women's Bean Project

MARKETING DIRECTOR | Ready Care Industries

“During my time working as a Sales Manager for Ready Care Industries, I had the opportunity to work with Lisa. Lisa and I worked one-on-one to create marketing communications targeted to hotels and spas. Not only was Lisa highly creative, but she communicated the information in a way that really resonated with the audience. Lisa’s attention to detail is second-to-none. I’d highly recommend her to work in any marketing department.”
Connie Castro, Western Region Sales Manager, Ready Care Industries
“I had the pleasure of working with [Lisa] at Ready Care Industries. She is never too busy to help out a coworker and always has something nice to say to everyone. Lisa would be an asset to any company!”
DianaDiana Hasler, Sales Representative, Ready Care Industries


“It was a pleasure working with Lisa to create the marketing/graphic materials for a new company, Tone and Tune. She took initial information from our conversations and was able to send materials that were on target, relevant and creative. I am proud to utilize all of the materials that she created for Tone and Tune.”
JeniJeni Halingstad, Creator, Tone and Tune

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